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Woree State School has adopted school wide Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL), an evidence based framework, as a common purpose and approach to discipline. With the goal of developing socially skilled students in a culture that promotes learning, it is a framework designing teaching and learning environments, with;  
  • A focus on explicitly teaching and reinforcing an agreed set of positively-framed expectations.
  • A focus on modifying contexts so that students are more likely to be successful in learning these expectations. 
  • A focus on framing behavioural success as the acquisition of skills, akin to learning and successfully demonstrating academic skills. 

Staff are actively modelling, teaching and prompting for these skills. When students use these skills, staff are then provide instructional feedback (positive reinforcement) to increase the likelihood this behaviour will be repeated, strengthened and therefore part of the student’s internalised skill repertoire. 

Our school community has identified the following school expectations, called ‘The Woree Way’ to teach and promote our high standards of responsible behaviour: 

  • Learn
  • Respect
  • Cooperate
  • Be Safe  

However, individuals within the school need systems-level supports to promote these behaviours. This system-level support is provided by the Positive Behaviour for Learning Committee and Student Services Team. 
The Positive Behaviour for Learning Committee focuses on the development and implementation Tier 1 universal strategies across the school. The Student Services Team assists with these universal strategies and also Tier 2 and 3, targeted and intensive supports. This team comprises of Deputy Principal of Student Services; Head of Student Engagement; Guidance Officer; 2x Student Engagement teachers, Community Liaison Officer, School Chaplain, Adopt-a-cop, First Aide Officer and 3x Student Engagement teacher Aides. This team implement a range of student engagement programs, as targeted support for students. 
The Individual Student Support Committee regularly meet to develop tertiary strategies for complex case students. Student data is regularly collected, monitored and analysed to inform the different teams working with students.
The Woree State School Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students outlines;  
  • Processes for facilitating standards of positive behaviour in the school including; universal behaviour support and processes for reinforcing expected behaviours.
  • Processes to respond to unacceptable behaviours including; consequences for unacceptable behaviour and targeted and intensive support strategies.
    • Attendance plan
    • Behavior management – responsible behavior plan
    • Students with a disability
Our Special Education programs are inclusive and provide for differentiated programs to meet the learning and development needs of students within mainstream classrooms through alternative education programs within the special education class. Teacher and teacher aide time is maximised through co-teaching initiatives which where trailed in 2015 and will continue in 2016.
  • Resources

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